Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, I haven't been very adamant about keeping up appearances on here, but I feel a change coming (hopefully). This blog is going to be rerouted a bit, with talk of popular issues and all that serious stuff every now and then, but I've decided I want it to retain a more personable setting. I keep thinking about this quote "the personal is political!" and how I suppose that makes sense. Isn't politics a reflection of personal stances, issues, decisions, ideals, goals, etc. So why not take some personal anecdotes to spice up the so easily humdrum policy discussion. What I'm really saying is, I am diverging from a more structured format of addressing pressing issues, and really want to approach them from a more personal standpoint. It seems much more approachable and definitely a bit more entertaining for casual reading. I do want to emphasize that this blog isn't purely political, or even newsworthy. I really just want it to be an outlet for my thoughts about life and news and events that don't get much precedence on my silly livejournal...

I wrote a few months ago in said livejournal that I wanted to start a series of personal essays on important but sometimes abstract topics. Abstract in that it might not have to do anything in the slightest with current news events, but they're important enough to my brain to address in blog form. A few of these topics swirling in my head include much about language, since I'm an avid fan and user of it, specifically "grammar nazis" and the fun exercise "what's the worst thing you can call a girl/guy?" I also want to point out that I'm embracing my feminism more these days, as I learn more about what that means to me, and I'm looking forward to sharing a lot of my own girl stories and how they relate to the concept of feminism. That said, please don't be averted from reading by the idea that this is going to be all nail painting and gossip sessions, nor will it be male-bashing and bra burning hype. Yeah, I'm not like that.

So here's to the hope that I will keep up more consistently with this! My mind is constantly abuzz, let's hope that translates in some fashion to this blog...

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